Top 10 The Best Blue Black Hair Dye 2021 –

Today, dying hair with a trendy shade has become a priority to many people, including males and females. There is a vast range of hair dying products in the market. But for you, we represent a list of top and Best Blue Black Hair Dye in the market available.

best blue black hair dye
Best Blue Black Hair Dye

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List of Best Blue Black Hair Dye 2021

  1. Manic Panic High Voltage Dark Blue Purple toned Hair Dye (Semi-permanent) No bleaching effects, gluten-free and non-harming.
  2. Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Creme 22 (latest product as Count 2) With non-dripped formula, fruits extract and stick to dark-colored hairs.
  3. Revlon Colorsilk 3D Color Jell Technology (Home Hair Dye) With ammonia-free, grey hair protection, and 3D effect on hair.
  4. Adore Shinning Semi-permanent Hair Color (Non-Alcoholic) With dark, sensual color, non-toxic, and double colored.
  5. L’Oreal Paris Feria 3X Highlighter with Multi-faceted Shimmer (Downtown Denim) With bold tones, shimmery effects in hair, and edge enhancing dye.
  6. Revlon Colorsilk Buttercream 21-12BB with Nourishing Mask (all in one) No ammonia, triple extraction creme formula, and oil nourishments.
  7. Schwarzkopf Igora hair dye with permanent soft texture (100% results) Professional and for porous hair also.
  8. Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color with Dark Jet color( color boost technology) Ultra bold black, vividly reflects, and oil extractions.
  9. Clairol Natural Blue Black 2BB Blueberry Creme (blend away greys) Keratin treatment, color treating conditioner, non-permanent color.
  10. L’Oreal Paris Color 4FL.OZ118ml (semi-permanent) No peroxides, lasts for one month, temporary color.

Sometimes you get fed up with your hair color and texture, and you want your hair to look unique, smooth, and shiny. For this, you just need to grab the best hair color dye.

Blue-black hair dye has a darkish and smooth texture. This hue flourishes the endings of the damaged hair and gives a volume look to them.

Hair damage is a significant issue. If you are facing grey hair damage, you try a lot of remedies to get off, but it has become the main problem to be solved to enhance your beauty. You suffer from hair loss, grey hair, loss of hair pigment, and other hair damages.

Once after deciding that you want to color your hair, for this, you need to pick up a suitable hair dye. It becomes complicated to choose suitable hair dye. To solve this challenging problem of yours, we have selected the top ten best hair dyes.

1- Manic Panic High Voltage Dark Blue Purple toned Hair Dye (Semi-permanent)- Best Blue Black Hair Dye

Manic Panic High Voltage Dark Blue Purple toned Hair Dye

It is one of the best hair dyes available for you. This hair dye can give you the expected result in no time at reasonable prices. Manic panic dark blue hair dye is suitable for every hair type.


The first and basic features of Manic Panic high voltage hair dye are following as:

a- Sharp Hair Look:

This hair dye gives a very sharp look to the hair. Any other formula of applying as it provides a complete dark look to hair and provides the best results to the hair.

b- No Bleach is Needed:

The best thing is that you do not need to bleach your hair to apply this dye. For healthy hair, you should prevent bleaching. So, this hair product provides you with bleached hair damage.

c- No Developer:

The essential thing is that no developer is required to dissolve in it. So, no toxicity to prevent damage to hair. Complete tonal effects appear after applying Manic Panic High Voltage Dark Blue Purple toned Hair Dye.

Pros & Cons

  • Color creme
  • Vivid, sharp colors
  • Frequent applicability
  • Vegan Formula
  • Semi-permanent


2- Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Creme 22

Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Creme 22

Hey! We have chosen you one of the best blue-black hair dye. You can use this dye and fulfill your problems of hair damage. You need to look at this incredible hair dye that now has the second type of color creme as count 2.


Here are some highlights of Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color creme:

1- Creamy Formula:

Formulated with the best creamy formulas that can give your hair with a creamy, shiny look. That reduces the rough textural look of your hair.

2- Long Lasting Dye:

It nourishes the hairs and provides them a long-lasting look. The ingredients in it give the permanent color to your hair.

3- Easy to Use:

Garnier Nutrisse creme color is an easy task for you. The creme formulated gives an easy way to mix the color with hair.

4- Triple Oil Extraction:

The triple-action of Avocado, Olive and, Shea provides a shiny, balanced, and healthy hair look. So, the Garnier dye is a suitable dye to cover your grey hair issues.

Pros & Cons

  • Nourishing ingredients
  • Ever-lasting
  • Boosting technology
  • Non-dripping creme
  • Bleaching effect

3- Revlon Colorsilk-3D Color Jell Technology (Home Hair Dye)-Best Blue Black Hair Dye

Revlon Colorsilk 3D Color Jell Technology

Here, we are representing you with the perfect hair dye for your damaged and grey hair. The new termed technology of lustrous look is here for you. The results are satisfactory. This dimensional product is suitable and provides a fabulous look.


The primaries of Revlon Colorsilk Hair Dye are listed below:

1- Natural Color:

It gives a natural color to the hair. Sometimes when you dye your hair, it seems like it is fake and faded. But this hair dye gives a natural color and texture to your hair.

2- Applicable at Home:

This best blue-black hair dye is applicable at home. You do not need to visit saloons for its application to your hair. This dye provides you with an easy task to give your hair a fresh and dark look.

3- 3D Color Gel Technology:

It is full of Keratin to give your hair a smooth look. 3D Color Gel Technology leads to a rich and multi-tonality to your hair. So, the hair becomes fresh, and grey roots get disappeared, and a stunning look of your hair comes out.

Pros & Cons

  • Long-lasting
  • Silky hair
  • Permanent
  • Keratin and amino enrichment
  • Highly defined results
  • 100 % disappearance of grey hair
  • Beaching is required


4- Adore Shining Semi-permanent Hair Color (Non-Alcoholic) Best Blue Black Hair Dye

Adore Shinning Semi-permanent Hair Color

Adore Shining 4 Ounce hair color is one of the preferences among the best blue-black hair dye for your hair. Sometimes, you want to give a creative image to look to your hair, and you find a suitable hair color. This #130 Blue Black 4 ounce hair dye provides you with this innovative facility.


The basics of Adore Hair dye are following as:

1- Creative Image:

This hair dye gives a creative look to your hair. Dark tips and endings spread an image of shine and black appearance to your hair. This fascinating look makes you feel fresh, classy, and, most preferably, shinny.

2- Non-Alcoholic:

Alcoholic products damage your hair. But, Adore non-alcoholic hair dye resolves this issue. This product excludes the ammonia, alcohol, and peroxides to reduce your hair damage. It helps your hair to grow normally and healthy.

3- Vibrant color:

Sometimes, when you dye your hair, the color gets faded and loses the shine of your hair. On the other hand, this best blue-black hair dye leads your hair with a boost of vivid and vibrant color. Your hair becomes so lush that fascinates your mind with its deluxe shine.

Pros & Cons

  • Splendid shine
  • Vivid color properties
  • Non-toxic
  • Creative possessions
  • Semi-permanent

5-Best Blue Black Hair Dye: L’Oreal Paris Feria 3X Highlighter with Multi-faceted Shimmer

LOreal Paris Feria 3X Highlighter with Multi-faceted Shimmer

So the problem of damaged and dull hair has made you feel embarrassed among the people? Now, you do not need to worry about this. We have solved your problem. We have chosen a way for you by representing one of the best blue-black hair dye for your hair. This hair dye resolves all the hair problems related to your hair damage. You just need to consider its properties.


The considerable properties of L’Oreal Paris Feria 3X as:

1- Multi-faceted Hair Dye:

If your hairs are dry and less shiny, then you should go with this Multi-faceted hair dye. This hair dye has multi-coats of greasy and oily textural assets. The Feria marvelous creme in this dye provides a long-standing look and removes the grey stained hairs.

2- Gentle 3X Highlights:

It is renowned for its triple highlights properties that make triple layers of shiny highlighted hues in your hair. The gentle implementation of L’Oreal Paris hair dye offers your hair a leveled and polish surface to shine freely.

3- Deep Conditioning:

After applying the hair dye, your hair becomes dry and rough. But this hair dye grants you a deep conditioning conditioner that flushes your hair with a boost of shine and smoothness. The best blue-black hair dye polishes the hair and awards your hair with a stunning shiny look.

Pros & Cons

  • Glossy and sheeny effects to hair
  • Long-run hair color
  • Natural instinctive hair color
  • Bold and bright colors
  • Sometimes Semi-permanent due to unbleached hair

6- Revlon Colorsilk Buttercream 21-12BB with Nourishing Mask (all in one) Blue Black Hair Dye

Revlon Colorsilk Buttercream 21-12BB with Nourishing Mask

So, you are bored with dyeing your hair again and again, and now you want a permanent or long-lasting hair dye for your hair? To resolve your problem, we are showing the best blue hair dye for you as Revlon Colorsilk Buttercream hair dye. This hair dye binds all the qualities of a suitable hair dye for your hair.


The characteristics of Revlon Hair dye are following as:

1- Longer Lasting Hair Dye:

A natural buttercream hair dye that enriches the hard and the brittle roots and ends of your hair with the blends of mango, shea, and coconut butter build a thick layer of a greasy and shiny look to your hair to make them healthy and less damaged. It helps the hair to hold the hair for Longer-Lasting.

2- Nourishing mask:

An assemblage of tetra oil (argan, avocado, sunflowers, and olive) is present in this dye. This dye produces a flat, smooth, and polished layer on the hair. The bright and the glossy hairs drive a live look to your hair.

3- All-in-one:

This Long-lasting, shiny, and superior color deals with the saving of your money also. One precision HAIR DRYER BRUSH is available with the hair dye in the back. It reduces the loss of money. It is an ammonia-free hair color that has all the basic properties of longer hair dye.

Pros & Cons

  • Longer-Lasting
  • Most creamy effects
  • Saves the money
  • More shiny and glossy looks of hair
  • Non-toxic
  • No cons available

7- Schwarzkopf Igora best blue black hair dye with Permanent Soft Texture (100% results)

Schwarzkopf Igora hair dye with permanent soft texture

Are your hairs rough? And you need a dye to smoothen them? Don’t worry! It is not a big deal now. We have enlisted a hair dye that can work out with your problem. Yes, this hair dye is Schwarzkopf Igora Hair dye that can sort out your issues of hair damage. Have a look at its features.


The essential elements as:

1- Professional Hair dye:

So, Igora Royal hair dye is a professional hair dye. This hair dye works as a balancer between the natural and artificial look of your hair. Dyeing your hair fades the natural texture and makes your hair wilted, but this hair dye working as professionally gives a permanent look by removing your grey hairs.

2- Blocks the Hair Pores:

This hair dye has the keratin ingredients that block the pores in your hair. These pores in your hair invade the growth of hairs and take them to the level of high dryness. So, don’t worry, this hair dye will help you in blocking such pores to make them healthy and glossy.

3- Vigorous colors:

The equalization of natural hairs shows a great look to your strands. The royalty of this dye is due to its realistic and lucid color properties. These glowing colors encapsulate your grey hair and damage.

Pros & Cons

  • Radiant bold colors
  • Professional application of dye
  • Complete insurance of grey hair removal
  • Marvelous balancing colors
  • No cons are available

8- Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color with Dark Jet color (color boost technology) Best Black Hair Dye

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color with Dark Jet color(

Blonde has become an old fashion now. And today, you prefer to make your hair dark, bold, and blackish. To find a dye for this, you do not need to look so far. We have selected the best black hair dye, blue hair dye for you. Yeah! You have heard, right. Garnier Nutrisse Ultra color is one of the stains that give your hair a dark blackish look.


The attributes of Garnier Jet Black color are the following:

1- Ultra Bold Black:

Finding a jet color is rare, but this hair dye makes you avail of the opportunity. It is one of the most significant features of Garnier Hair Dyes as it proffers your hair a dark, bold, and lusty look. Having a dark blackish-blue look enhances your personality.

2- Reasonable Prices:

You can see that at a very reasonable price, you can have your hair a darkish look. You can save your money and time if you use this hair dye. This hair dye offers you a meager price as compared to other colors.

3- Enduring Quality:

A creamy dye lasts for a very long time. The extracts of grapes and triple oil nourishments make your hair more shiny and black. The color is boosting, ample, and lavish.

Pros & Cons

  • Ultra bold look
  • Creamy texture to hair
  • Non-dripped color
  • Fruits extractions are available
  • Incomparable properties
  • Permanent hair dye
  • Uplift and boosted color technology
  • No cons are available

9- Clairol Best Blue Black Hair Dye-2BB Blueberry Creme (blend away greys)

Clairol Natural Blue Black 2BB Blueberry Creme

Do you have grey hair issues? Don’t get offended of this. Take a look at our hair dye, which is Clairol Blue Black 2BB. It covers your grey hair entirely and gives a prominent result to your hair. Striking, vivid, eye-catching, and showy color to your hairs will make you look flawless and lively.


The factors behind this prominent hair dye are the following:

1- Non-damaging Hair Color System:

The non-permanent technology in its manufacturing leads the way to healthy and bold hair. The keratin system provides a vital role in shiny, healthy black hair. This property reduces the percentage of damage to your hair.

2- Time Saving Methods:

The hair dye has a unique property that it can give a darker look even in 20 minutes after application. It saves you precious time and gives you the best results. It works as a color booster to your hair.

3- Ammonia-Free Hair Dye:

The ammonia and the peroxides damage your hair from roots. Clairol Blue Black hair dye presents you with the ammonia-free hair dye to avoid this damage. It will help you keep your hair healthy even after coloring.

Pros & Cons

  • Ammonia free
  • Blends away greys
  • Keratin protection
  • Saves time
  • Non-permanent hair color

10- L’Oreal Paris Colorista 4FL.OZ118ml (Midnight blue)

LOreal Paris Color

If you hurry and need a look for your new occasions, then grab this perfect hair color that is one the best blue-black hair dyes. It can push your brown hair to a fascinating level of valorous blackish-black intensity. We show you the right textural hair dye that will give your hair a stunning look.


The highlights of L’Oreal Paris Colorista are the following:

1- No Bleaching is Required:

For applying hair dye to hair, you need to bleach your hair. This bleaching method damages your hair proteins and burns the natural extractions in your hair. To apply this dye, you do not need to pass through this damaging method.

2- Pure dyes:

The conditioning hair mask is present to make the color stick to the hair naturally. The pure form of natural hair dyes added to make your hair look natural and vivid.

3- Vegan Formula:

No animal extractions used in its manufacturing. The ingredients that involve animal extricate are not required.

Pros & Cons

  • Natural hair dyes used
  • No animal extractions
  • Vivid colors
  • No bleaching method used for application
  • Covers even brown hairs
  • Semi-permanent hair dye

How to use the best blue-black hair dye?

The method to use the best blue-black hair is very used. Generally, when you open the kit of a hair dye, you will find two things inside it. At first, you need to read the procedure map that is present in the package.

One of the two things in the kit is the coloring tube, and the other is a developer.

  1. Firstly, you will take the coloring fluid in a dye bowl.
  2. Then, you will add the developer in the coloring bowl with half the quantity to the coloring material.
  3. Mix the mixture with a brush so that they become smoother and flat.
  4. Apply the dye on hairs but avoid the roots.
  5. Wait according to the chart of the procedure.
  6. Rinse the hair accurately.

When you follow this procedure, then you will get the proper results.


1- Is manic panic a dull hair dye?

Ans: No, manic panic is a high voltage dark tonal dye.

2- What is the main feature of Revlon Colorsilk-3D Color Jell?

Ans: It has a triple-layered effect on hairs to give them a 3D look.

3- Is Adore Shining Hair Color an alcoholic product?

Ans: No, it is a pure non-alcoholic product.

4- Why Revlon Color silk Buttercream is famous?

Ans: Revlon Colorsilk Buttercream is famous for its Longer-Lasting feature.

5- What makes the Garnier Nutrisse an ultra jet color?

Ans: The extractions of fruits and triple oil formulas make the Garnier Nutrisse an ultra jet color.


I conclude that all these best blue-black hair dye are applicable to give your hairs look more stunning, shiny, flawless, bold, and healthy.

The new technologies hold the hair with less damage even some products are the least ones to damage the hair. These products have a positive impact on the selection of the customer.

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